Titantic 25th Anniversary

Returning to Titanic for the 25th Anniversary with a social media campaign that welcomed global audiences aboard our ship of dreams for the film’s much-anticipated re-release.


DMM partnered with Paramount Pictures to reignite the emotions and nostalgia surrounding the epic film, Titanic. It’s been 25 years since the film originally debuted, and our goal was to invite fans back on board, especially younger audiences, for a chance to catch it back in theaters. We achieved this through a social campaign that featured romantic visuals and captivating copy, bringing back nostalgic memories from this timeless classic.



To promote the re-release of Titanic in theaters starting Valentine’s Day weekend, we focused our creative strategy and copywriting on the love story between Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet), capturing their most iconic lines and chemistry. After all this time, fans worldwide are still enamored with this iconic on-screen couple, and we brought them to tears once again with our emotional, heartfelt creatives and tone of voice.

By leveraging trends like the Titanic boat audio, we enticed audiences to re-engage with our content from a new perspective over two decades later. We also celebrated Global Movie Day by asking fans to share their stories about the first time they watched the film.


Titanic docked in theaters once again, grossing over $28.7M worldwide and briefly reclaimed its spot as the third highest-grossing movie ever. We successfully navigated this voyage with our social media campaign, garnering 52.1M+ impressions across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, along with 4.3M+ collective views on Paramount Pictures’ TikTok.