Cocaine Bear

Keeping social feeds bumpin’ with our unhinged community management and creative execution.


DMM collaborated with Universal Pictures to bring Cocaine Bear back to where she first gained notoriety: social media. Throughout our out-of-the-box copywriting and dynamic creative, we ensured the star of the show shined in the spotlight. Our unhinged, first-p̶e̶r̶s̶o̶n̶ bear approach to community management helped spread awareness over the river and through the woods. We embraced the larger than life tone cultivated by the film, inserting Cokey into the cultural zeitgeist - including a full surround of the Super Bowl.



Our north star was simple: a bear did cocaine. This defining pillar of the campaign informed our next moves, spanning platform and creative. We focused on creating an unforgettable social voice & tone in addition to creatives that were as unhinged and unexpected as Cokey herself. From the bear snorting lines on a football field for Super Bowl LVII to thumb-stopping statics that toed the line(s) to talent-led motion pieces, we made sure Cocaine Bear kept the social conversation bumpin’.

Keeping up with the speed of trends required us to move at the pace of a bear on coke (75 MPH for those curious). Our platform and creative teams took this challenge on, creating dynamic assets for TikTok which focused on real-time trends. In addition to activating on trends, we also developed creatives for paid media placement on TikTok and Snapchat, clawing through the traditional advertising users are accustomed to.

We developed a succinct voice and tone for our social pages. Our strategy varied by platform, as we strove to be the highest in the room across social spaces. On Instagram and Facebook, we leaned into off-the-claw humor and snark to put a spin on a traditional social voice. Twitter and TikTok adopted a first-person voice that let the bear off the leash, an irreverent and unhinged narrator that struck a chord with our audience.

Our daily community management was key to this campaign, as we spread the message of Cokey with a balance of strategy and chaos. We ensured we were in on the joke, and leaned into the viral moments that made this campaign a euphoric experience. Cocaine Shark? We’re there. Cocaine Cat? On it. Our fans spread memes, anecdotes, and excitement across socials, and we were sure to acknowledge them as the bear herself.


Cocaine Bear roared to 9.2M engagements and 22.8M impressions across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. This impact on the social landscape ensured we were able to take a hefty sniff out of the box office. Our work was picked up by several publications, who recognized the impact this social campaign had in converting virality on social media to box office results. The people have spoken, the bear is cokin’, and we are thrilled to have helped Cocaine Bear roll to success.