Painting socials pink to bring the beloved Barbie doll to the big screen.


Come on Barbie, let’s go party! DMM brought the pink with Warner Bros. on the social media campaign for the dolled up debut of Barbie. With the keys to the DreamHouse in our hands, we kicked off the Barbie Land party with a vibrant social voice and content that captured the dazzling spirit of the iconic doll and revisited the nostalgia of childhood dreams. We invited people to play and reminded them that Barbie is for everyone. As the world began to think pink, we encouraged them to channel their inner Barbies and Kens and cruise to the big screen.



It’s Barbie’s World, and we’re all just living in it. We built an enticing world on socials with colorful and captivating creatives that showcased the beauty, fun and nostalgia of Barbie Land. We integrated Barbie’s signature pink into every creative, and we ensured that each piece highlighted the stacked cast and the energy they brought to their characters. Through making enchanting creatives that sparkled with personality, we made a big splash on socials.

As Barbie Summer heated up, WB rolled out the pink carpet for the global press tour. We amplified stops in Sydney, Toronto, Seoul, Mexico City, Los Angeles, and London through stylized Instagram Stories and charming community management that had everyone buzzing as Barbie took the world by storm. To keep the buzz going, our Talent Services team stepped into Barbie mode and worked with Warner Bros. to script out themed questions for talent to answer at each stop in a behind-the-scenes tour diary series for TikTok. Our Creative team brought the Tour Diary series to life and showed that, like Barbie, this cast is truly everything.

We positioned Barbie so that she was everywhere, making people feel seen and heard through our copy and community management. To do this, we adopted four key Barbie personas: Cheerleader Barbie, Be What You Want to Be Barbie, Barbenheimer Barbie and Big Screen Barbie.

Cheerleader Barbie embraced the immense starpower and love for the cast, crew and soundtrack artists, letting people know that we were their biggest fans too. Be What You Want to Be Barbie did everything, and she sought out to inspire those around her to do the same and show off the plethora of UGC content where they tapped into their inner Barbies and Kens. As this was the summer of cinema, Barbenheimer Barbie actively participated in the Barbie vs. Oppenheimer discussion as well. We leaned into it with a balance of playfulness and positivity while ultimately pushing people to party with Barbie. Big Screen Barbie then led the conversation in driving everyone to take their Barbies, their Kens, their family and their friends to experience the theatrical event of the summer.


As she strutted in her high heels to the big screen, Barbie made the summer one to remember with over 62.8M engagements and 273.9M impressions across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. The pink party didn’t stop there as Barbies and Kens everywhere couldn’t get Kenough of the film. As the summer sizzled with their energy, Barbie had the biggest opening of 2023 and soon became Barbillion, reaching over $1 billion at the global box office. The film’s success marked major milestones for Greta Gerwig, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as well, with Gerwig becoming the highest-grossing female director of all-time domestically, and Robbie and Gosling achieving the biggest opening weekends of their careers.

Through crafting a 360 campaign as lively and empowering as Barbie herself, we gave everyone a chance to live out their Barbie pink dreams.