Driving conversation through relatability and horror, though a cleverly crafted social media campaign that delved into viewers’ worst fears.


DMM partnered with Hidden Empire Film Group on the social media campaign for the theatrical release of the new horror film, Fear. Leveraging our Platform & Strategy, Creative, Talent Services & Influencer Partnerships teams, we crafted a mysterious and thrilling social media campaign to intrigue fans to see the film in theaters upon its release.

Don’t hold your breath. #FaceYourFEAR

One week… Are you ready to #FaceYourFEAR? Get tickets now! Only in theaters January 27. Link in bio.


With Fear’s color tones of deep golden-yellow and black, DMM was tasked with creating eye-catching, seat-gripping creatives to pull fans into the horror of Deon Taylor’s latest feature. By creating a variety of  creatives throughout the campaign, including unique pieces made specifically for talent to share on their socials, we were able to capture horror fans’ attention. Showcasing our talent with devoted social followings, such as T.I. and Joseph Sikora, was a major asset in our social strategy, enabling us to leverage their devoted audiences and reach a wider audience through engagement and amplification.

When you close your eyes, what do you see? #FaceYourFEAR on January 27.

Everything can change in an instant. #FaceYourFEAR

Along with platform and creative, our Talent Services team was utilized to capture social content during the film’s premiere and talent content capture days.

Additionally, our influencer team worked with Hidden Empire and invited five content creators to promote the film through TikTok and Instagram Reels. In total, the creators posted eight pieces of content resulting in 385K impressions and 42K engagements.


As we utilized talent and fully leaned into the main theme of the movie–fear–we cultivated a successful 360° campaign that helped increase social visibility, press pick-up, and ultimately led to an increase in ticket sales. With the film’s message of hope, we wanted to ensure that fans left the theater with the belief that faith can overcome fear.