The Village


NBC partnered with Digital Media Management to build awareness of and excitement for the premiere of its new Spring series The Village.



DMM identified six popular lifestyle influencers to create branded content around the show’s “Heart” installation in Los Angeles and New York. A large portion of this content was banked to be posted on the actual premiere date. Influencers also attended the Official Premiere Parties/ Screenings in LA and NY and posted Stories to their Instagram channels at the live events.


In total, the campaign reached over 2.3M followers and generated nearly 1M brand impressions. Their collective posts generated an impressive 80K (10.87%) engagements, with substantial positive brand sentiment and enthusiasm around the heart.

Erin Robinson

I got to see the first episode of @nbcthevillage before the premiere and I teared up FOUR TIMES! True story. I couldn’t believe I felt so many feels in one episode of a show, and now I’m hooked so I know what I will be doing tonight: Curling up, with a bottle of wine and a box of tissues and re-watching #TheVillage since it’s that good!  Also, this crochet heart is crazy impressive and was made by a fellow Amazing Racer @madebylondon! What a small world! Tune in tonight with me at 10/9c

Joslyn Davis

SWIPE to peep my kewl date to the @NBCTheVillagepremiere red carpet…IT’S PHIL, MY DAD! It was his first red carpet & he killed it waving to his fans. We might’ve shed a few tears during the show BC it’s SO good. Seriously guys tune in to @NBC Tonight at 10/9c to join the party.

Marylin Flores

A few weeks ago we got an opportunity to take a photo at this amazing installation for @nbcthevillage it inspires so much love and hope! The show really inspires and really connects with people in many cases. Tune in March 19th at 10/9.

Hang Nguyen

Imagine if all your neighbors treated you like family and had your back. How cool would that be? @nbc’s new show called @nbcthevillage is all about that and it airs tonight at 10/9c. Tune in.

Rachel Iwanszyn

After meeting Chris on such serendipitous circumstances I learned that the best love is that in which we don’t always seek, that the universe happily places in front of us when we least expect it. We’re so excited for the premiere of @nbc’s @nbcthevillage. tonight at 10?/9c! Chris and I got to watch the pilot and I think you guys would really love it. Feel free to share any love stories here, I always love hearing them!

Tess Christine

As most of you know I moved to NY about 4 years ago. Since none of my family lives here, the friends I have made have quickly become my home. @nbcthevillage highlights this exactly. I was able to get a sneak preview of the first episode and I highly recommend you tune in tonight at 10/9c on @nbc to watch for yourself. I’m already hooked.


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