Starz American Gods


Starz partnered with Digital Media Management to build awareness and excitement for the premiere of Season 2 of American Gods through influencer coverage of an experiential promotional event.



DMM identified 12 popular influencers with an affinity for the show, who were fans of fantasy series and had a background in the entertainment space, to capture branded content at the American Gods S2 red carpet premiere in Los Angeles. Influencers posted Stories to their Instagram channels during the live event while banking a large portion of their content to be posted on the actual premiere date.


In total, the campaign reached over 4.4M followers and generated 2.2M brand impressions. Their collective posts garnered an impressive 140K (13.04%) engagements, with substantial positive brand sentiment and enthusiasm around the Season 2 premiere of American Gods. Influencers authentically/creatively captured their experience onsite, engaged well with their followers, and helped answer/educate fans on all things American Gods.

Dan Nguyen

God. A touchy subject up to this day. Even though we all believe in different versions of what and who ‘god’ is, believing in the mysteries beyond ourselves is an everyday test of the strength of our faith👤____________________________________________

Tune in on the @starz app (link in my story as well) and I suggest to check out @americangodsus with an open mind💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♂️ Even though these #newgods might conflict with your belief, you could perhaps learn something. I know we did 🤯 #starz #americangods #ad

Pamela Horton

Had such a phenomenal time at the #AmericanGods S2 premiere! Thanks to @starz for allowing me to show what I believe in at their super fun event. The @americangodsus season 2 premiere is now live and you can check it out and get more info at
(link in bio). Shoutout to @yetide, @rickywhittle and @officialpabloschreiber for showing me how the #oldgods get it done. #ad

Ericka “Boze” Bozeman

YOOO TONIGHT is the premiere of AMERICAN GODS on STARZ! Listen y’all, we literally got #SPONSORED by @starz to see the premiere early this week!! I rushed out of my office, picked up a homie and we got to walk the red carpet, watch the season 2 premiere, get caught in some paparrazi photos, and go to the after party. Like seriously, what is my life?? The storyline AND the cinematics in this show are insane- if you haven’t seen it yet watch the trailer, go binge season 1 now on the #starz app, and get ready for the new one! #americangods

YASSS THANK YOU @americangodsus #newgods #americangods

Steve Zaragoza

I HAVE SEEN THE PREMIERE EPISODE OF #AmericanGods SEASON 2 AND IT WAS SO AWESOME! THIS SEASON IS GOING TO BE INSANE! If you aren’t watching this show, you’re BLOWING IT! SPEAKING OF, S2 PREMIERES tonight you can watch it on the #starz app (LINK IN BIO)! Thank you @STARZ for the invite!

Anna Brisbin

Had a wicked time seeing the old gods and the new gods come to life on the big screen at the Season 2 premiere of #AmericanGods! 🙏 This show is so complex, brilliant, and utterly gorgeous. ✨ Be sure to watch
now on the @STARZ App THANK YOU STARZ for this amazing opportunity!! So stoked to be surrounded with and share such amazing art!! @americangodsus #ad #Starz ⭐️

David Moss

I hit the red carpet of the #AmericanGods premiere looking like the God of Mayhem. Season 2 is off to an amazing start. Make sure you check it out now on the @Starz App. Thanks @AmericanGodsUS for the awesome night!

Joshua Ovenshire

Worshiping the #NewGods on the red carpet of @AmericanGodsUS. Love the book, loved Season 1. And FINALLY now on the @Starz App is the season 2 premiere of #AmericanGods. Which character is your favorite? Mine is obviously Mad Sweeney #ad #starz Link in bio to watch the show!

Courtney Miller

Yes, I DID haul ass straight from a Smosh shoot to catch the season 2 premiere for #AmericanGods with my friends. WORTH IT. I just need more people to talk about it with, so if you could go to the #STARZ app and watch it right now, that’d be great. Use my link: 🥰 Where my #NewGods at? 🤳 #ad

Sonja Reid

ARE YOU TEAM #OLDGODS ?? OR TEAM #NEWGODS ?? Let me know below & if we’re on the same team I’ll DM you 🤫! Not sure? PICK ONE OF US.
TY so much to @starz for giving these suits some time in the spotlight & having us out for the @americangodsus S2 premiere!! 🌹🔮🎠 You can now watch S2 #americangods on the #starz app! #ad – link in bio!

Jonna Mae

I got to attend the red carpet premiere of Season 2 of @AmericanGodsUS earlier this week and oh man, was it an incredible episode!! No spoilers from me, don’t worry! 😜 You can now catch #AmericanGods S2 premiere on the @Starz app! Find out more here: #ad


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