The Suicide Squad

Step inside the “horribly beautiful” mind of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad with this action-packed and talent heavy social campaign.


DMM partnered with Warner Bros. to dive into the "horribly beautiful" mind of director James Gunn to help craft the social campaign for The Suicide Squad! In addition to thumb-stopping content highlighting the film’s explosive action and comedic banter, our social creatives heavily featured the all-star cast with custom filmed content crafted for TikTok and Reels. With the added bonus of a unique community management voice and tone, The Suicide Squad quickly became one of the most anticipated films of the summer.



Tik Tok 

To appeal to a younger audience, we helped Warner Bros. conceptualize The Suicide Squad’s Tik Tok Hashtag Challenge to help drive awareness and bolster the film’s reach. We spoke to our newfound TikTok audience with fun, cast-led and meme-oriented content, accumulating over 10M views on the platform. This content not only gave fans a closer look at our new supervillains, but helped drive ticketing for the film’s release.

Community Management 

To emphasize the humor and camaraderie of the film, we crafted a tone of voice that concentrated on quirky jokes, cast-driven social banter, and trends. In doing so, our community management reflected the size of our massive star-studded cast, with responses and engagements ramped up to superhero heights. From fan art to cosplay (and even thirst traps 👀), we not only recognized our fans but considered them a part of the squad.

Tailored Talent Content

To effectively engage each of our supervillain’s large social fan bases, we ideated on concepts spotlighting the film while simultaneously staying true to their social voice. Using this custom talent content, we were able to create a variety of social series that included TikTok stitches to fans, video responses to fan tweets, and more, which brought attention to our heroic task force and created an abundance of social chatter.

Premiere Coverage 

We attended the premiere to capture spontaneous and engaging social content that highlighted the Squad’s real-life chemistry. Using the content captured from our team on the ground, we built an interactive and thumb-stopping premiere story that featured all the red carpet fun with talent, accumulating over 750K impressions.


With a dream squad of fans behind us, we successfully crafted a social media campaign that generated over 20M impressions and made The Suicide Squad one of the most anticipated films of the summer.