The Sense of an Ending

Using innovative audience targeting tailored to each social platform to attract a broader audience


In partnership with CBS Films, DMM created an engaging and impactful social campaign for The Sense of An Ending. Based on Julian Barnes' Man Booker Prize-Winning novel of the same name, the campaign used innovative audience targeting tailored to each social platform to reach fans of the British book as well as attracting a broader, more American audience.



Our social strategy was to organically raise awareness for The Sense of An Ending’s staggered theatrical release with tailored audience optimization for each platform. Understanding that we were dealing with a small target audience and limited Paid Media support, we successfully built up a loyal Facebook following by utilizing Video Tags to reach new audiences via discoverable keywords and Audience Optimization to ensure that each piece of content reached our followers who were most likely to engage with it. In our most successful example of this, our content reached an impressive 161% more users than were following the page at the time. Additionally, we established and grew a fan base on Instagram by reaching out to fans of individual talent, the author, and the director to make them aware of the film. Furthermore, on Twitter, we utilized the CBS Films brand account and optimized reach among the industry professionals by tailoring content to them using fresh information and critical reviews. These different strategies allowed us to not only optimize our small audience, but grow it organically by continually reaching new people with every post.


Through platform-specific strategies focused on organic growth, DMM successfully introduced a broad American audience to the bestselling novel, raising both awareness and excitement for The Sense of An Ending film. We then took our learnings and new organic growth strategies to optimize future projects, to much success.