Manchester By The Sea


DMM had the pleasure of working with Roadside Attractions and Amazon Studios to create and manage the social media campaign for the Academy Award-winning film Manchester By The Sea. From acclaimed writer/director Kenneth Lonergan and producer Matt Damon, this poignant film tells the story of Lee Chandler and his family as they work through grief, loss, and forgiveness.



From the beginning, our social strategy was to target fans of prestige films, introducing them to the film through positive press, community engagement, and leveraging talent. DMM created a marketing campaign that maintained the subtlety and class of the genre, keeping content clean and simple, with copy that incorporated reviews and quotes from both critics and talent. Talent pedigree – in particular, Casey Affleck’s multiple award-winning performance – was also a large focus of the campaign, with that element of the film promoted as an additional engagement layer. The film’s themes (forgiveness, stages of grief) were also incorporated into content, further pulling the audience into the story. Post copy pushed towards ticketing where appropriate.


DMM launched and grew the Manchester By The Sea socials to over 100,000 fans across all platforms. We leveraged times of day with high user traffic to ensure the strongest engagement possible, which led to high engagement and awareness levels, and a strong clickthrough rate on ticketing and press release links. Manchester By the Sea captured the hearts and minds of moviegoers and critics alike, with the film winning two Academy Awards (including Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor).