The Riot Club

Creating a "cocky" social media campaign and spotlighting the fraternity lifestyle through engaging social creatives


It’s a movie marketing dream. A cast of attractive young men with cult fan followings. The one catch: in the movie they’re all the worst. Is there a way to be cocky in creative campaigns? DMM found out first hand during the theatrical campaign for The Riot Club.



IFC Films contracted DMM to find a way to target the fans on actors like Max Irons, Sam Claflin and Douglas Booth while also creating buzz around the themes of the film. This was accomplished by exploiting the fraternity lifestyle displayed in the film through engaging social graphics and videos.


Through an extremely offensive in-world The Riot Club Twitter account, activations on Whisper where fans shared crazy party stores and by creating timely content like in-world Tinder profiles; we were able to develop an all-encompassing campaign that fans thoroughly enjoyed.