Get Hard

Creating a fun and engaging social media campaign that helped the film become the #1 comedy in America on opening weekend!


When two of comedy's biggest names teamed up for the uproariously funny Get Hard, we were thrilled to team up with Warner Bros. to create a fun, engaging social media campaign for the film.



Our goal was to position the film as the next big, buddy comedy, maximizing talent socials as much as possible and tapping into the iconic elements of the film. Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart each brought in their own fan followings, and we created content that would speak to the target demographic, including hilarious memes that played into the film’s dirty innuendos.


Get Hard was met with tremendous fanfare when it hits theaters in March 2015. We were ecstatic to be part of the team that helped elevate the film to its spot as the #1 comedy in America opening weekend!