The Age of Adaline

Elevating our social media campaign through unique partnerships with Wattpad and beauty influencers


DMM enjoyed partnering with Lionsgate to create a unique, highly engaging and immensely effective social campaign for The Age of Adaline. We focused content on specific clips and trailers tailored to the female demographic, consistently achieving strong engagement and high organic reach within the target female demographic.



Our objective was to create unique, highly engaging content tailored towards the female demographic with an emphasis on fashion and beauty and led by the timelessness of Blake Lively as the character of Adaline.

We executed a series of backdated milestones using the timeline feature on Facebook to add depth to the page by including significant events from Adaline’s life spanning almost 100 years. We also created specific campaigns for Pinterest and Wattpad.

In conjunction with the YouTube influencers who debuted hair and makeup styles for each decade, we created Pinterest fashion and beauty tutorials. These were included in our “Fashion Through The Ages” Initiative which featured a century of fashion in decade-specific boards.


On Facebook we achieved 55.8 million people organically reached and 178 million people reached through paid promotion. Our most popular content consisted of romance centric quote graphics featuring either Blake Lively or Harrison Ford, which saw 3.6k likes on average. Our exciting Wattpad initiative brought attention to the unique and timeless story, featuring prominent platform authors who created original Adaline inspired stories that gained over 403,600 cumulative reads by the end of the campaign.