The Mole

With Netflix’s reboot of The Mole, we launched a talent-led social campaign to entice fans of the original series and ignite excitement with a new, younger generation.


With the return of The Mole, we set out to make a splash by launching the high-stakes competition series on Instagram with a player grid and enticing trailer that celebrated the return of the fan-favorite series. Once the page was established, we pivoted our focus to leverage talent’s social channels in order to expand The Mole’s audience reach. The series format had a lot of nostalgia for existing fans, so we capitalized on the personalities and social followings of the show’s brand new players to introduce an entirely new audience to Netflix’s latest reality competition series. Our content strategy leaned into the players' competitive spirits and gasp-worthy moments to successfully keep fans guessing and get the world debating “Who is the mole?”



To spread the word that The Mole was back, we aimed to drive buzz by launching a 15-piece grid that contained the trailer and dossiers on each of the players. The grid was intended to be a place for fans to reconvene throughout the season to discuss the mole’s true identity.

Once the Instagram was launched, our primary goal was to establish talent’s social following by providing talent with exclusive assets to share with their audience. Most of our cast was virtually unknown prior to The Mole’s launch, so we set out to help them launch their platforms, maximize their reach, and build many of their followings from the ground up. By providing them with high-quality content to share throughout the campaign, we sought to have talent remain active and post relevant pictures and clips for fans.


Not even The Mole could sabotage this campaign’s success. Our Instagram grid took off with fans, as they continued to revisit each player’s profile throughout the season to discuss who they thought The Mole was. In the midst of the campaign, The Mole also officially landed a spot in the Top 10 charts on Netflix. 


Our talent-led strategy and engaging creative grid landed with viewers and made The Mole’s comeback a huge success. The talent toolkits comprised of fan-favorite moments and suspicion-filled one-liners were a hit, bringing in strong engagement from fans and growing talent pages from the ground up.  With a steady stream of content coming from talent channels and supporting posts from press, partners, and influencers, The Mole had everyone talking about Season 1.