The Hype S2

Introducing THE HYPE Season 2 to new viewers, old fans, and making HBO Max the premiere destination for the streetwear competition show.


It’s survival of the fittest. HBO Max partnered with Digital Media Management to create a social media marketing campaign to foster a community that includes hype beasts, fashion lovers, and viewers curious about streetwear. We showcased the art form of clothing with our social campaign for the TV show by sharing a variety of high-impact custom videos and statics that highlighted this season’s talented contestants and judges. These eye-catching pieces piqued fans’ attention and created hype around Season 2. We also developed a robust community management strategy to continue to build our existing fan base throughout our social media campaign.



DMM was tasked with reigniting fan interest for THE HYPE following Season 1’s success by focusing on the designers’ stories and building a community through engaging videos and a targeted community management strategy.

We kicked off Season 2 by introducing the new designers using static quote graphics that gave fans a taste of the talent they can expect and built momentum ahead of the TV show’s premiere. By sharing the designers’ stories and spotlighting the judges through clips, custom videos, statics, Instagram Stories, and IG lives, we were able to cement THE HYPE as the premiere destination for streetwear.

To tease Season 2, we shared GIFs, behind-the-scenes content, and the “The Drippiest” designer quote cards to reignite the fanbase ahead of premiere. Additionally, we focused our initial rollout on the designers’ background, as seen in the “Glow Up” stylized Reels series, which ensured that fans had a deeper understanding of what the designers represented and their unique approach to streetwear.

Following the show’s premiere, we shifted our content strategy to focus on taking fans deeper into the design competition. From our clipping strategy that showcased the most memorable moments of the season to our interactive Instagram Stories, fans were placed at the center of the action. In order to give our viewers a better understanding of streetwear, we created lo-fi BTS Reels and videos that featured the cosigners, designers, and guest judges. We also brought the art of streetwear to fans with our “Looks of the Week” carousels that featured the winners, episode quotes, and each winning look. To grow our community, we engaged with popular brands and streetwear content creators week after week. This increased our reach and follower count and brought attention to the show. 


By focusing on the designers’ stories, name talent, and guest judges, along with their incredible fits, fans were able to experience streetwear culture through THE HYPE’s socials. We educated viewers, shared tips, elevated the designers’ personal businesses, and engaged with other influencers and brands to ensure that we fostered our burgeoning community. Our premium video content and emphasis on our designers’ backgrounds complemented with our community management strategy immersed fans in all aspects of streetwear. Overall, our TV social media campaign garnered 1.8M total views and 435.1K impressions.