The Lost City

Bringing audiences along for the adventure of the year with the comedy-driven social campaign for The Lost City


DMM was thrilled to partner with Paramount Pictures on the social media campaign for The Lost City. To support the theatrical release, we crafted a campaign that showcased the all-star cast with dynamic creatives, copy, and community management by tapping into the zany humor of the film.



Our main goal on this social media marketing campaign was to draw in fans and moviegoers (particularly women, as this was one of the year’s first releases aimed at female audiences) through The Lost City’s amazing cast, promise of adventure, and carefully-crafted copy aligned with the humor of the film. 

To present The Lost City as a must-see film on the big screen, we created social media assets that emphasized the action and the comedy, as well as the star power of our three leads, all of whom approached this film with a willingness to push the envelope. Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, and Daniel Radcliffe (with an honorable mention to Brad Pitt in an extended cameo role!) teaming up for an adventure-comedy is an event and we incorporated that excitement into everything we did. During the red carpet premiere, we crafted a carefully curated Instagram Story and recapped the night in a highly engaging TikTok video to get fans excited for release week.

Creating a social voice and tone that truly reflected the humor of the film was one of our top priorities on this campaign. Every piece of copy needed to sit comfortably within Gen-Z/Millennial-type humor on social media, as well as appeal to women of all ages. We also provided copy for talent, ensuring that each line was tailored to their own unique voice. Thanks to our success with witty organic social copy, we were even asked to tackle all of the paid social copy for this campaign.


Through witty copy, on-trend funny content pieces, and strong fan engagement, we garnered over 21M impressions and nearly 1 million engagements across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! The Lost City also became the first post-pandemic non-tentpole superhero film to draw in female audiences and ended up surpassing box office expectations, debuting at #1 and earning over $70 million dollars to date at the domestic box office.