The Batman

Taking the infamous Bat beyond the streets of Gotham and turning him into a worldwide phenomenon with a social media campaign that served justice to fans both old and new.


The Bat-Signal is on and vengeance has answered the call. DMM partnered with Warner Bros. to bring forth the thrilling social media campaign behind the new era of The Batman! We brought Gotham to viewers across the globe through a captivating campaign, with copy and visuals that left life-long DC followers satisfied and inspired a new generation of fans. By showcasing the cast’s chemistry and personalities off-screen, in addition to dynamic, hard-hitting creatives that highlighted the action of the film, we were able to get fans' attention and keep them captivated from the beginning of the campaign to the big screen and beyond.



Creatives, Social Voice, and Community Management

With immense, excitement-filled social chatter around The Batman, we made sure to fuel conversation further through creatives that were hard-hitting, action-packed, and exhilarating. We kept our ear to the ground and highlighted the most-talked-about trailer scenes to keep giving the fans what they wanted. With each creative, we transported our fans to Gotham, giving each character their time in the light. To further immerse our fans into this world and play into their anticipation, we stayed true to the mysterious and sometimes cryptic tone of voice reflected in the movie. We hopped into trends in the most organic ways possible, using our tone of voice to appeal to each diverse fan base in a way that satisfied their different interests and united them through their shared ones.

Press Tour Coverage

From exciting activations in Paris to Miami, all the way to the red carpet premiere in New York City, we brought our audiences along every step of the way through live Instagram stories and in-feed posts. This coverage captured everything from fun moments between the cast, red carpet looks, a closer look at the Batmobile, and more.  With one of our talent service managers on the red carpet sending us content, we were able to post in real-time. By bringing our audiences along for the journey, we were able to reach a wider audience and further build anticipation for the final destination – release day on the big screen. With our leading man, Robert Pattinson, not on social media, we used The Batman’s social channels to give his fans an insider’s peek at behind-the-scenes moments at press events.

Partnership Activations + Amplifications


Inspired by the iconic duo of the Bat and the Cat, DMM utilized client partnerships and amplified outside partnerships. Through our team’s relationships with clients at both Warner Bros. and Lionsgate, we facilitated a partnership between The Batman and Twilight social channels, utilizing the Robert Pattinson fan base as the connecting thread. Through collaboration with our internal teams, we crafted ideas for our clients at Lionsgate and Warner Bros. that resulted in two epic crossover activations that went viral and brought some fan-favorites from the WB catalog in on the fun. We also made sure to amplify external activations like the Little Ceasar’s Batman Calzony, exclusive artwork created by Boss Logic, and IMAX early fan screenings. These numerous activations put us on the radar of every generation of fans and kept them captivated.


The Bat and the Cat arrived on TikTok in style, bringing in the two highest-performing TikToks on the DC page, with 8.5 million and 6.3 million views, and growing the DC page exponentially to 670.5k followers. By utilizing the already established Warner Bros. Movies and DC TikTok pages, we tapped into a long-standing fan base and a broader audience. By posting content from the press tours, red carpets, cast chemistry moments, and countdowns, we made fans feel more connected to the cast while keeping the mysterious vibe that left fans wanting more.


Our Heroic Outcome

As Warner Bros.’s first theater-only movie premiere post-pandemic, The Batman made a heroic debut, bringing in over 221 Million Impressions, 17 Million Engagements, and $505.8 Million worldwide at the box office. Through our thrilling campaign, we were able to give the life-long fandom exactly what they wanted and inspire a new generation, marking the perfect beginning of a new era of The Batman.