American Underdog

Driving conversation through relatability and inspiration, culminating in a social media campaign fit for a true leader on and off the field.


DMM was excited to partner with Lionsgate in crafting a social media campaign for the theatrical and home entertainment release of the inspirational movie, American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story. Throughout the campaign, we were tasked with creating a wide range of content - from adrenaline-pumping sports creatives to heartwarming pieces that focused on the importance of faith and family. Our content strategy allowed us to reach multiple audiences and show that American Underdog is more than just your average football movie.



With our American Underdog social media creatives, we used a palette of warm color tones mixed with shades of blue and yellow to represent Kurt Warner’s iconic Rams jersey. A team is only as great as its fans so we wanted to ensure that this campaign felt fan-forward by crafting wholesome and uplifting tone of voice with our copy. 

Stepping into the Arena

During the theatrical window, our focus was to reintroduce fans to the real-life characters that they already know and love. Our creatives were aimed at showcasing Kurt’s passion and dream that led up to his successful career. With the film’s December release date, we also strategically tapped into Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day with key themes of spending time with family and friends. 

Filling the Stadium

The goal of our campaign’s comprehensive community management approach was to get people who were inspired by his story in the 90s to feel like they were part of Kurt’s team via trivia polls, content tied to key Kurt Warner-related anniversaries, and more. Because of the nostalgia many fans felt, we focused on highlighting fans that had Kurt Warner memorabilia by featuring them on Instagram Stories and Twitter, showcasing how they related most to his journey. 

The Final Quarter

As we transitioned to the home entertainment window, we shifted our focus to the impact that Kurt’s family had on him while still highlighting the most motivational moments. We kept our ear to the ground on social media to find opportunities to participate in trending conversations whenever the Rams were playing or whenever Kurt Warner had TV appearances. We ended the campaign with a “13 Reasons Why We Love Kurt Warner” video which paid tribute to one of the best in the business. 


From the theatrical to the home entertainment window, we were able to craft a heartwarming and inspirational social media campaign that successfully represented Kurt Warner’s journey. Through every quarter of this campaign, we wanted to leave a positive mark on our followers so they, too, felt inspired to tackle their dreams.