Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

Reigniting the magic and bringing fans back to the wizarding world for the latest spellbinding adventure in the Fantastic Beasts franchise.


Wands up! DMM partnered with Warner Bros. on the social media campaign for the long-awaited return to magic – Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore. We brewed up a dazzling social campaign that invited fans back to the wizarding world and reminded them of the magic that we all know and love. As we welcomed our witches and wizards back, our focus was on the nostalgia of the franchise, the strong fandom and the magic within. We made sure to spotlight these pillars in every aspect of the campaign – through creatives, copy and community management and ultimately, overall ideation and strategy. In doing so, we sparked a new fire in fans’ hearts and brought them back to their beloved home.



Our goal was to produce content that cast a spell on viewers, enchanting them with all of the witchcraft and wizardry that the world of Fantastic Beasts has to offer. While previous installments of the franchise had a much darker tone, for The Secrets of Dumbledore, we leaned into the light, showcasing the bright and magical moments, while also tapping into the nostalgia that still has a hold on our hearts. Portkeys, floo powder, and flying beasts aside, our creatives transported fans back to Hogwarts with some of the wizarding world’s finest, leveraging talent in several content series to keep the magic alive.

Directly from the headmaster’s office, a task was assigned to us – ideating and scripting content for our fantastic cast to promote the film. This included pieces for content capture day, announcement videos for various activations and later culminated with a tour of the Leavesden Harry Potter Studios led by talent and special guest, Tom Felton. This content was not only created with the film in mind, but was also used to launch the official Wizarding World TikTok account! Our talent shined brighter than magic itself, whether that was at the World Premiere in London or the New York City IMAX Fan Event, both of which we supported through Instagram Story coverage. On socials, our talent became an extension of our campaign, bringing that magic to their respective fanbases.

Tapping into the powerful nostalgia of the intricate world, we aimed to create a space where all witches and wizards could talk about the magic they grew up loving. Our powerful partners, namely @WizardingWorld and @HarryPotterFilm, supported our efforts throughout the campaign, giving us plenty of charming back and forth banter for the fans to enjoy. We crafted a social voice that focused on bringing lighthearted and magical moments to fans, whether that was awarding house points or thanking them for their continued dedication to the franchise. Additionally, we made creative Instagram Stories and text-only Twitter posts to give fans a chance to engage with us around our campaign beats. Through the fans, the magic lives on, and we were thrilled to build a space for them to thrive.


The legendary halls of Hogwarts filled up as witches and wizards arrived, helping our social campaign garner 8.8M engagements (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok) along with 79.2M impressions (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook). Whether they traveled by broom, fireplace, or dragon, fans showed up at the theaters on opening weekend and earned this film the #1 Movie in the World. Our goal with our social campaign was to bring the magic back, and through captivating creatives, fantastic ideas and execution, and a dash of Felix Felicis, we did just that.