The Great

Bringing “The Great’s” distinct modern humor and historical satire to life on socials and activating talent around the launch of the series.


Hulu partnered with Digital Media Management (DMM) to introduce audiences to “The Great,” starring Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult, and execute talent initiatives to eventize the series premiere on social.



DMM supported the launch for The Great across multiple divisions, beginning with our Talent Services team embedding a social producer on the East London set of The Great. While on set, they captured valuable behind-the-scenes content to later be used by the A-list cast (including Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult), as well as the Hulu brand, and dedicated show channels. To eventize the series premiere, Hulu partnered with our Creator Lab team to strategically select influencers to receive a thematic drinking kit to accompany their binge and promotional posting. Following the launch, we reunited the cast once again for a live DMM-produced Zoom Q&A on Hulu’s Twitter account in support of Disney’s National #StreamingDay. Throughout the campaign, our community management team delighted audiences with our humorous tone and playful emphasis on The Great’s boundary-pushing satirical take on history.


The relationships forged between our social producer and talent on set proved fruitful as the cast was ecstatic to show their support and post our content throughout the campaign. On our own social pages, our embed-captured content often outperformed produced social assets, reaffirming our audience’s desire for exclusive content of our beloved cast. Our strategic approach to community management and content planning supported our passionate fanbase’s love for the show, keeping conversation high across socials beyond launch weekend.