Homecoming – Season 2

Leveraging the star power of Janelle Monáe and the critical acclaim of “Homecoming’s” first season to make the series’ new mystery a must-watch event.


Amazon Prime Video partnered with Digital Media Management (DMM) on a talent-first social creative and community management campaign that enticed fans of “Homecoming’s” acclaimed first season to join an all-new mystery.



DMM’s social strategy focused on building intrigue for “Homecoming’s” second season through cryptic, stylized social creatives and a dedicated content plan for its new leading lady, Janelle Monáe. We worked with Janelle’s team to execute an Instagram archival “memory wipe” and Twitter name change stunt to support the trailer launch and introduce her more than 4.7M Instagram and Twitter followers to her character, “Jackie,” a woman who wakes up with no memory. For six days leading up to the trailer launch, Janelle shared a series of DMM-produced custom cinemagraphs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, paired with cryptic copy about Jackie’s journey. Our community management team continued to build momentum heading into the Season 2 binge release by using our mysterious in-world social voice to stoke intrigue amongst followers of Homecoming’s dedicated handles. In post-launch, our social creatives highlighted the show’s star-studded secondary characters, such as Stephan James, Hong Chau and Joan Cusack.



Our talent-focused social strategy led to robust promotional support from Janelle Monáe, highlighted by her week-long Instagram and Twitter trailer stunt that resulted in a combined 3.4M video views and 85K engagements. Meanwhile, our organic social strategy on the @HomecomingTV Twitter amassed 1.3M impressions in the 5-week window between the trailer reveal and 10 days post-launch.


video views on Janelle Monáe's trailer launch stunt
instagram twitter

engagements on Janelle Monáe's trailer launch stunt
instagram twitter

impressions in the 5-week window between trailer and 10 days post-launch.