The Good Place: The Podcast

From conception to creation, DMM partners with NBC to provide end-to-end support of their podcast series on and off season


Digital Media Management partnered with NBC for the production and distribution of The Good Place: The Podcast. Hosted by Marc Evan Jackson (Shawn, The Good Place), the podcast takes a deep-dive into the popular series episode by episode featuring exclusive interviews with the cast and creators that listeners can’t get anywhere else.



DMM’s podcast production team worked directly with NBC to conceptualize and ideate around the structure of weekly/special episodes, coordinate production times with talent and develop social strategy alongside NBC and the in-house social-team. DMM was asked by NBC to brainstorm a few concepts to keep the show going during the off-season. The podcast team worked closely alongside podcast host, Marc Evan Jackson, to develop the What’s Good series, a strategy to maintain the podcast audience’s interest during the break between season three and four as well as post-finale. DMM also provided end-to-end support, including recording, mixing and editing the show.


The Good Place: The Podcast has been releasing episodes since May of 2018 and was included in numerous top-ten lists including Entertainment Weekly’s “Best Podcasts of 2018”. Since the finale of The Good Place in January of 2020, the podcast team has kept the show going with bonus episodes and a special series entitled What’s Good that focuses on celebrity fans of the show and charitable giving. The podcast was covered in a variety of press outlets with positive reviews, including Wired, Slate, Vulture, Indiewire and AV Club.