The Challengers

Ideating, executing, and marketing a brand new content stream for actress Amy Brenneman to connect with her core fans and broader audiences in a different medium than broadcast TV


Digital Media Management (DMM) partnered with actress Amy Brenneman (Judging Amy, The Leftovers, Goliath) to develop and produce her podcast, The Challengers with Amy Brenneman - a show about the difficult challenges that people face on a daily basis. The podcast aims to bring about a discussion that doesn’t preach “how to triumph adversity!” but instead how these moments— alcoholism, death, a breakup, a miscarriage, an illness — are exactly the challenges that made us the person we’ve wanted to become. Kicking off Season one as a guest is Amy's husband, television and film director Brad Silberling who discusses his philosophy of dealing with loss and transformation.


DMM wanted to help Brennamen create an authentic show that speaks to her core audience and doesn’t shy away from sensitive topics, as well as extends what she does to a broader audience in a different medium than broadcast TV.  DMM’s Content Studio worked directly with Amy and her team to conceptualize and ideate episode topics, coordinate production schedules and develop digital and traditional PR strategies to promote the show. DMM’s podcast production team executed cross marketing strategies including creating custom social creatives (videos, graphics and audiograms) across Brenneman’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages that aimed to drive her online audience to specific episodes and amplify podcast downloads. Additionally, DMM’s Talent Partnerships Team created a Facebook Group for the Challengers that has become its own micro-community fueled by fans of the podcast, consisting of 600 members and counting. The Challengers with Amy Brenneman Facebook Group is a safe and dedicated space for further discussion and ongoing support around both episodes of the podcast and challenges in members’ own lives. The team worked with Amy to post discussion questions following the release of each episode and Amy engaged with comments from listeners regularly, creating even more conversation surrounding the topics covered in the show. Check out the Forbes article covering the highlights of Amy’s latest endeavour with DMM.


As a result of DMM’s efforts, The Challengers with Amy Brenneman garnered a 77% subscribe-through rate on Apple Podcasts and created a brand-new content stream for Brenneman’s devoted fanbase. DMM additionally produced multiple assets such as trailers and themed videos related to each episode, as well as behind the scenes content to be posted surrounding the release of episodes, maximizing overall engagement. Ancillary content related to trending topics, such as a video on What Film Got Right, also resulted in a spike of 5x Amy’s weekly average growth on Instagram. With this bonus content and consistent engagement from Amy, Amy’s audience across socials and the Facebook group saw consistent positive engagements and strong growth as each episode released weekly.