The First-Ever Facebook Press Junket

We hosted the first-ever press junket on social media to promote Vanessa Hudgens and the film Gimme Shelter.


The team at Digital Media Management created a first for the entertainment and digital industries this week, when we partnered with clients Vanessa Hudgens and Roadside Attractions, as well as Facebook, to host the first-ever press junket on social media for the upcoming film Gimme Shelter.



Our digital agency took the traditional press junket model where talent conduct interviews with various entertainment outlets to promote a film, and brought it to Facebook to conduct consecutive Q&As with E! Online, Entertainment Weekly, HelloGiggles and Seventeen Magazine. Each news outlet encouraged fans to watch the trailer for Gimme Shelter and ask their questions for Vanessa.


In under an hour, Vanessa answered over 70 questions from the outlets as well as their Facebook fans, to reach over 30 million users on the platform to promote the small release, and each outlet was granted special use of Facebook’s new Q&A tool to conduct the chats. The first Facebook junket was deemed a huge success by the movie studio and Facebook, and has clearly paved the way for future Q&A with talent to promote movies on social media. Check out what Mashable had to say about the innovation

Being a unique digital agency that specializes in managing talent and movies, Digital Media Management is able to partner with studios to not only create campaigns that drive awareness of their releases, but also ones that utilize their film’s talent. The Facebook press junket was an excellent initiative that not only leveraged the talent’s large social following, but also further extended the movie’s reach with various outlets whose Facebook fans represent target demographics of the film.