Nurse 3D

Creating an immersive and risqué official site for the horror film


Hello, Nurse. Your pain is her pleasure. Digital Media Management had a bloody good time partnering with Lionsgate for the limited release of Nurse 3D. Heralded by FearNET as one of the ‘Horror Films to See in 2014,’ our team was tasked with creating an innovative and engaging official site on the Tumblr platform for the film. The result? A risqué site that doesn’t shy away from the key elements of the film: blood, boobs and medical fetishes.



Immediately upon arriving on the site, the user is immersed in the ‘bloody’ world of Nurse 3D, as they are greeted with blood oozing down the animated homepage – followed by the official trailer. Once entering the site, users could satisfy themselves with a slew of salacious content: from nude body parts covered in blood to severed limbs to animated GIFs with rather ribald imagery. All of this content was designed and optimized for sharing on the Tumblr platform and other social networks – creating buzz and engagement around the film.

For Nurse 3D, Lionsgate decided on a day-and-date release, allowing fans to either experience the film in 3D in theaters, or in the comfort of their homes On Demand. To drive awareness of theatrical tickets sales and On Demand purchases, Digital Media Management created geo-targeted content initiatives and social media concepts across all social platforms. To feel the pain and experience it yourself – go to