A Madea Christmas

With the holidays around the corner, DMM leveraged timely conversations and love of the Madea franchise


This past December, audiences across America got to spend their holiday season with Madea! Digital Media Management was pleased to partner with Lionsgate to strategize, manage and execute the social media campaign for the next film in the wildly successful Tyler Perry franchise. Our social strategy: embrace the Madea audience and fold the lovable character into the holiday conversation. From the moment we started the social media campaign for the movie, our goals and technique was clear: immerse users in Madea’s world across all social media platforms.



The social campaign started with lessons in Madea HER-story – where our digital team created a series of graphics with popular one-liners from the past Madea films, to drive awareness of the film to existing Madea fans. Moving into the holiday season, we turned the social media pages into a wonderland that spoke to die-hard fans and that played off trending holiday topics such, as Madea’s holiday dinner tips, to appeal to a broader social media audience. As the campaign moved into week of release, our initiatives shifted to turn those newly acquired fans into ticket buying patrons, where we created social media content that generated awareness and buzz around the film, while also driving ticket sales.


Social media marketing played an integral part in the awareness of the film, which is evident in Facebook generating over 2 million views of the A Madea Christmas trailer – over 8x the number of views on YouTube. Of these views, over 66% were organic views of the trailer. The A Madea Christmas Facebook page grew in popularity over the course of the campaign and crossed the 1 Million mark in it’s second week in theaters. Twitter was also buzzing about the film – with over 3,000 daily mentions of the film in week of release!