The Commuter

Taking fans on a Hitchcockian journey filled with tough ethical quandaries and gamified creatives


All aboard! Digital Media Management partnered with Lionsgate to create a social media campaign for the theatrical release of the Liam Neeson-helmed action thriller, The Commuter. We took fans on a Hitchcockian journey, presented them with tough ethical quandaries, eased them into the film's action and left them with a taste for heroics.



Our primary objective was to engage fans and we successfully did this in three ways: through socials polls, out-of-the-box creatives, and gamified content.

In an effort to put fans in the shoes of Liam Neeson’s character, we utilized unique copywriting and social polls to conduct our own ‘social experiment,’ similar to that in the film. We asked fans to participate in a series of Twitter polls that would test their ethics and determine what kind of person they were as a whole. An example poll, would you take $100,000 as Liam did, leave it or turn it into the authorities? Upon the films release, we narrowed our focus to individual responses with the use of community management. Fans responded with critical thinking, personal stories and detailed reasons why.

To accompany the unique copywriting and further elevate content, we ensured creative would be interactive, eye catching and at the forefront of creative experimentation. We gave all content cinematic life by adding forward motion, simulated train movement and a manipulated the depth of field to provide added dimension. Motion Posters were presented to fans as LIVE photos on Facebook, allowing them to tap and hold on a static poster to discover the motion hidden beneath. Utilizing Instagram stories, we created a mock of Liam’s phone which allowed fans to answer the villain’s call, further driving them into the mystery. Additionally, we caught the eye of fans while they scrolled through their feeds by manipulating the white space in creative to mimic the background of a news feed.


Digital Media Management’s efforts culminated in a thrilling social media case study and campaign that proved to be incredibly pleasing to the eye and ran in parallel with the themes of the film. Fans were twice as likely to respond to thought-provoking questioning, and creatives that manipulated the white frame proved to be a success. Our use of intrigue, excitement and critical thinking successfully activated fans resulting in the spread of positive word of mouth, consistently driving a large number of our social media audience to purchase tickets on opening weekend.