Fifty Shades Freed


Digital Media Management partnered with Universal Pictures on the theatrical social media campaign for Fifty Shades Freed, the conclusion of the worldwide phenomenon franchise. Leveraging the devoted fan base and notoriety of the past films, we crafted the successful social media campaign to celebrate the fans, showcase reactionary content, and drive focus towards repeat viewings. It was a final farewell fit for a franchise that will never be forgotten.



Focusing on our fan-tailored content, we created Fifty Facts, an initiative that consisted of counting down the last 50 Days before theatrical release on Instagram stories. Each fact posted throughout the initiative was derived from exclusive behind-the-scenes notes from production of all three films. Throughout the series, we also were able to debut never-before-seen stills and music from the highly anticipated soundtrack. In addition to the Instagram Stories, we also maximized Instagram’s new Stories Highlights feature, by creating curated story sections for ¬†Fifty Facts, Soundtrack, Worldwide Premieres, and talent takeovers. By utilizing the highlights section, the growth on each of these Instagram Stories continued to increase, even after they expired, as they were able to permanently live on our Instagram page.

Since the Fifty Shades Freed campaign was an homage to the enthusiastic fan base, we made every effort to craft our creatives and accompanying post copy with their love for the series in mind. Creatives, both static and video, showcased highly-anticipated moments, fan-favorite quotes, and leveraged the inspiring journey of Ana coming into her own. These empowerment-focused creatives resonated strongly with our female audiences who appreciated Ana’s character progression and the way we leveraged of the current social atmosphere.


Through our creative fan-tailored content, we executed a comprehensive social campaign for one of the largest franchises in cinematic history. By highlighting the storyline that the fans know and love, we were able to captivate our audience from around the world and give the franchise the big farewell that it deserved.