The Collection – Season 1

Using key learnings to effectively introduce U.S. audiences to Prime Video's U.K. fashion drama series


Fashion may fade, but secrets never go out of style. DMM was delighted to partner with Amazon Prime Video to introduce U.S. audiences to their U.K. fashion drama series, The Collection.



The social campaign for The Collection focused on the fashion legacy of the Sabine family and dove into the scandal and betrayal beneath their rise to success. Since the series had previously been released in the U.K., DMM used learnings to identify the strongest storylines and the most effective way to position the campaign for a U.S. audience.

To connect with prospective consumers, our campaign showcased the couture and fashion of post-war Paris, while also highlighting the mystery and suspense the show had to offer. We developed a voice for the campaign which captured the tension and sophistication of the show, along with a distinct community management style centered around artistry and fashion.


Audiences were captivated by our social creative and consumed by the content we teased on socials, driving them to binge and share their love of the series upon opening weekend.