Catastrophe – Season 3

Creating a social campaign that matched and elevated the show's humorous and edgy take on modern adulthood and relationships


Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan returned with Season 3 of their Emmy-nominated British comedy series Catastrophe, and DMM was ecstatic to lead the social media campaign for the show's U.S. release on Amazon Prime Video! Our team was involved from the start, from building the social strategy to ideating creative and carrying out unique community management.



Our team strategized and executed a social campaign that matched and elevated the show’s humorous and edgy take on modern adulthood and relationships. Our content strategy focused on the risqué humor in the show as well as the absurdity that comes along with adulting, making way for fun and engaging ways to activate fans and prospective viewers alike!

We were thrilled to conceptualize a number of unique activations for Catastrophe, including a release day partnership with FOOJI that allowed users to get free desserts and wine; fill in the blank Twitter conversational ads where users voted to be on Sharon’s or Rob’s sides; a hilarious “ABCs of Adulting” motion graphics series; and custom graphics made to look like teacher’s notes in our community management campaign.


For a show in its third season, one ongoing challenge was to reach new users, but our innovative ideas were able to break through the clutter and stand out in order to lure in potential new fans. The campaign successfully leveraged the show’s blunt yet relatable take on modern relationships while showcasing the authenticity of the main characters’ marital problems.