Sneaky Pete – Season 1

Developing an enticing social strategy with innovative, platform-specific creative concepts


DMM was thrilled to partner with Amazon Prime Video on the first season of their exciting new show, Sneaky Pete. Our team was tasked with developing an enticing social strategy with innovative, platform-specific creative concepts that would take viewers into the mind of con man Marius, leaving them questioning what it means to "live to lie" and in turn, how to "lie to live."



The social campaign for Sneaky Pete focused on humanizing Marius’ difficult choices throughout season one, creating relatable moments that allowed audiences to connect with the show on a deeper level. Our creative content contained a strong level of interactivity, actively engaging users to participate in and live the Sneaky Pete story for themselves, whether through Facebook’s Canvas units, Twitter’s conversational ads, or videos detailing the “art” of lying. Our team also helped strategize the creation of a lie detector microsite through which users could fully step into Marius’ shoes and prove their skills in the art of lying.

DMM was also able to leverage the all-star cast consisting of Bryan Cranston, Giovanni Ribisi, and Margo Martindale, and activate their strong fanbases with a series of videos captured during press week. Fans loved the show’s suspenseful yet playful tone, which we emulated in our community management through witty responses and curated reactionary GIF content.


Ultimately, Sneaky Pete ranked as the platform’s second-most-streamed original scripted series on opening day, and was quickly renewed for a second season less than a week following release.