Essence Festival 2016


Digital Media Management orchestrated a social influencer campaign that brought together FOX TV super fans at Essence Fest 2016 in New Orleans, who participated in onsite events that generated buzz and excitement for FOX's upcoming Fall lineup including shows like Empire + Lethal Weapon.



We created a Beauty Bungalow space within the NOLA Convention Center, where influencers received a spa-like treatment and exclusive FOX experiences during the festival. Digital Media Management identified FOX TV super fans, oversaw their transportation logistics to NOLA and provided onsite support to ensure influencers used key messaging points, and posted on-time and on-message. There were 19 entertainment content creators who attended the event, all coming from diverse and relevant backgrounds; like music, beauty, entertainment, and fashion.

The Beauty Bungalow hosted 2 private sessions for FOX influencers. During Session 1, influencers participated in a focus group with FOX staff, providing key feedback on the series/plots/themes and future marketing material for the show/s as well as assisting with market research. Session 2 was an exclusive Meet N Greet with TV talent/cast (from shows such as Empire, Lethal Weapon, Rosewood, STAR), which was an opportunity for influencers to capture content for their social channels, and generate excitement and buzz for the FOX shows.

Over the course of the weekend influencers posted about their time in NOLA, exploring Essence Fest and the city, dominating the digital space surrounding the festival using the official hashtag #EssenceFest – keeping fans/followers engaged. Influencers were active with one another and their audiences, hyped followers and viewers for FOX’s fall lineup, and also helped record content for the official Empire channels.


By the conclusion of the festival over 11M were reached, across 19 influencers, with 79+ posts and over 208K engagements. Influencers documented their live experience on many platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. Influencer content successfully wove into, and took over, #EssenceFest with multiple influencers holding ‘top posts’ spots on Instagram for the hashtag/festival – especially the day of FOX’s Beauty Bungalow.


Total Reach