Swamp Thing – Season 1

Activating a strong community of fans with a social media strategy focused on expanding the DC Universe Original’s social presence


Digital Media Management was excited to partner with DC Universe to create and execute the social media campaign for the launch of its first original horror series, SWAMP THING.



Our key objectives going into this campaign were to create a social media “world” around the show’s unique setting, engage with audiences as the ultimate superfan, and activate a strong community of pre-existing SWAMP THING fans. To achieve our objectives, our social media strategy focused on the mystery and horror elements of the show across our social channels.

We continued to focus on pushing the limits of creativity for DC Universe Original’s social presence by experimenting with unique ways of highlighting the show’s pivotal horror moments. By featuring fan-favorite horror and gore scenes every week, we noticed a boost in both impressions and engagement. To further appeal to our die-hard fans, we added subtle nods (such as SWAMP THING’s eyes) in our custom creatives for fans to discover and theorize about future episodes. Our team also created a series of creatives to help create a horror/mysterious aesthetic to launch the campaign. This was achieved with “found-footage” creatives that gradually revealed more about the setting and mysterious swamp creature throughout the series.


SWAMP THING’s social fanbase was incredibly passionate and engaged, commenting on every single post to show their affinity for the show. Overall, our Instagram account’s following saw the most growth, amassing over 31K followers by the end of the series. Twitter was our top-performing platform in terms of reach, averaging 2.6M monthly impressions.


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