Suits: The Final Season – Social Media Campaign

As USA Network’s Social Agency of Record, DMM leveraged the power of fan service to activate a once dormant online Suits community to its full potential in its ninth and final season.


To celebrate The Final Season of Suits, USA Network partnered with Digital Media Management as their Social Agency of Record to breathe new life into the social presence of their long-running series. By adopting the mantra “We are all Suitors” and sharing in the enthusiasm of the show’s fervent fandom, we brought engagement and conversation around the series to record heights in its farewell season.



Our social media strategy held one thing sacred at its core: the Suits fandom. We set out to honor the legacy of Suits as a franchise while hyping up fans for The Final Season and leaning into the fact that this was the end of the story. By adopting the language of the Suitors and matching their enthusiasm, we transformed the show’s pages into true community forums worthy of the fans’ devotion, a place where they could say goodbye to these beloved characters. We drove fanfare around the premiere by celebrating series highlights from seasons past and then pivoted to an evergreen approach to support the final ten episodes. Along the way, we amplified engagement with the show’s wildly popular talent in an organic, authentic fashion and repurposed their exclusive BTS content on the show pages to great success. Our fan-first approach culminated in a huge celebration of the series finale featuring never-before-seen cast interviews thanking the viewers for nine seasons of riding with the best closers in NYC.


Our six month-long campaign produced impressive results, including 164K new fans across all platforms, a 279% increase in engagement, a 151% increase in impressions, and a 52% increase in video views over the previous six months.


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