Netflix Styling Hollywood

Executing a campaign that engaged fans to host viewing parties of Styling Hollywood with their friends while inviting the talent to attend


Netflix partnered with Digital Media Management to build awareness of and excitement for the premiere of its new series Styling Hollywood.



DMM identified 5 influencers who were fans of a Strong Black Lead series and had a background in fashion to binge watch and host viewing parties of Styling Hollywood with their friends. One influencer posted on Twitter, while the remaining four created content for Instagram Stories and their timelines. We also leveraged our connection and relationship with one of the show’s talent, John Mumblo, to attend and appear in a lucky influencer’s viewing party which help contrubute to post performance and content authenticity.

Tawana Morris (@shesofly)

Had a ball binge watching the new @Netflix show @stylinghollywood. As fashion girls we love anything that has to do with style, so It was wonderful to see the ins and outs that go into the styling business. While it was great seeing their superstar clients, we really loved how Jason and Adair balance their personal and professional lives and all of the drama that comes with it. If you haven’t watched yet you should check the show out yourselves & if you’ve seen it already let me know what you think! #StylingHollywood #ad

Kiitan A. (@kiitana)

Do you prefer watching shows with friends or by yourself?

Last night was simply the best! I had a viewing party for @stylinghollywood with some of my girls and we’re definitely going to do it again! (Check my stories for it all before it’s gone!) #swipeleft to see our special guest @johnmumblo from the show! Thank you for making yesterday even better ? #StylingHollywood is out now on @Netflix! Go watch!! #ad

Kia Marie (@thenotoriouskia)

Nothing like a good ol’ Netflix & Chill day with the girls. We watched the new Netflix show @stylinghollywood. It follows the life of Celebrity Stylist Jason Bolden & his husband Adair as they navigate the ins and outs of the industry while managing a marriage and a business together. The drama! (Could you work with your spouse?) Nothing like a good show & bottles of wine to get the conversation flowing. We honestly couldn’t stop talking about it. A must see! Stream it now on @Netflix. #StylingHollywood #ad

Jovan Hill (@ehjovan)

Had a great time binge watching the new @netflix show @stylinghollywood with some friends! I had a lot of fun watching Jason dress his high profile clients while balancing his personal life, especially as him and Adair try to navigate a child into their life. It gives me hope that maybe one day I’ll be able to have a baby (imagine that for a moment). If you haven’t checked out styling hollywood I highly recommend it!! Lots of great and funny moments for a demographic that doesn’t get much screen time.#stylinghollywood #ad

Sabrina (@sabs0ul)

Guys do you think it’s a smart idea to work with your best friend? In my opinion, I feel like the lines tend to get crossed which I’m witnessing now with adair and kafia. #stylinghollywood 😣


In total, the campaign generated a paid/organic combined 1.6M impressions and 43.7K engagements. Polls on Twitter and Instagram Stories helped drive organic engagement with a total of 8,100 votes. Post commentary featured substantial positive brand sentiment and enthusiasm around the premiere of the show with intent to watch.