Lionsgate Brand – Early 2020

For a 2020 brand refresh, Lionsgate partnered with DMM to ideate and implement innovative platform and community management strategies


The primary objective was to use innovative platform strategies and community management, while still staying true to the social persona of the studio through social creatives, trending topics, and generating authentic fan conversation.



We focused on the following strategies to amplify the rebrand and engage with fans:


To keep our pages fresh with social content, we create custom assets across both Theatrical and Home Entertainment titles that are fun, engaging, and nostalgic for the brand. In our original content strategy, we looked to define Lionsgate’s social presence by gamifying various pieces while utilizing each organic platform’s functions to not only highlight key social opportunities and best practices but to overall increase our fan engagement and brand identity.


In order to expand our social reach even further, we took current social trends and made them our own. By joining in on the organic social conversations around Lionsgate themed holidays and relevant social trends, we created content with a more organic look and feel that reached the general movie-going audience while providing the added value of Lionsgate’s perspective on the trends to talk with fans instead of at them.

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By establishing a new tone of voice across our socials, we not only keep the conversations alive with our current fans who have been with Lionsgate since the early days of their favorite films, but we also encourage social savvy audiences outside of our industry to engage with our content as well.


By establishing our new voice and brand presence, we achieved our goals and have seen amazing success in increasing our overall fan engagement through original content, trends, and community management. Our achievements so far for Q1 and Q2 of 2020 included a total of 19 Million impressions and an increase of 293% in overall engagement across all social platforms. But most of all, we tapped into our highly engaged fan base which shows how connected we are with our fans and their interests.


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Engagement Growth
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