Suicide Squad

Managing a fully interactive and engaging Snapchat account for the worst heroes ever


Digital Media Management partnered with Warner Bros. Pictures to manage a fully interactive and engaging Snapchat account for the worst heroes ever—the Suicide Squad.



Our team was tasked with building a unique Snapchat experience for Suicide Squad fans that simultaneously ran concurrent to the film’s larger social campaign, but was completely independent in its style of content. Our content was designed specifically to target Snapchat users, embracing creative elements that were more associated with the platform than the film’s official branding. This design choice contributed to the account having a more authentic voice, connecting with fans at a personal level.

User generated content was also a significant contributing factor in the Snapchat’s success. We leveraged the platform’s many native features – face-swapping, doodling, geo-filters, etc. – to encourage fans to engage with the account.

The Suicide Squad Snapchat came to the forefront of the film’s social campaign one month prior to theatrical release when we hosted the first-ever Snapchat Screening Program. Fans were asked to wrangle their squad and film themselves completing a number of tasks, and send the video/image back to the main account using their local geo-filter. The city with the most submissions received an exclusive early screening of the film


The Suicide Squad Snapchat generate a consistently high engagement rate, and proved to be an exciting, fun layer to the film’s larger social campaign.