Using an unconventional form of community management to activate our audiences on social


DMM was thrilled to partner with EuropaCorp to create a fun and quirky social campaign for the Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Wiig heist-comedy Masterminds. Masterminds told the ridiculous true story of David Ghantt, the man who single-handedly pulled off one of largest bank-robberies North Carolina had ever seen...and almost got away with it.


Our strategy from the beginning was to target our content towards the male demographic as well as fans of comedies and the all-star cast. With this in mind, we focused our creatives on funny and engaging moments that highlighted the humor and slapstick tone of the film.

During the campaign, we also made it a point to activate our social audiences in a unique way using an unconventional form of community management. Throughout the campaign, we would periodically “break the fourth wall” by drawing fan comments and replying to them with a photo of the drawing. As a result, these posts received incredibly high engagement numbers and amplified discussion within each and every post. Some fans would even use our drawings for their profile photos, which would further extend our reach.


DMM’s management of the Masterminds social channels socials resulted in the creation of fun and engaging content that specifically hit home with our target audience, and engaged with fans in new and unique ways.