Succession | The Final Season Social Campaign

Sending the HBO award-winning original series Succession off in style as part of the premium TV network’s touchstone campaign for the acclaimed show’s final season.


HBO partnered with Digital Media Management (DMM) for a social media marketing campaign to promote the Emmy-award winning series Succession’s final season. DMM aimed to prepare Succession fans to celebrate — and say goodbye to — the prestige drama by continuing our established social media strategy of intentional storytelling to highlight the series’ mastery of television. By staying in-the-know, refining our curated voice and tone, leveraging social listening, and highlighting the title’s artistry via bespoke creatives, we sparked social conversation around the series. We guided fans as they experienced each twist and turn – and every crucial move on the chessboard – that led to the series’ explosive final moments. In total, the Succession accounts garnered over 8.8M total engagements, nearly doubling the prior’s season’s campaign.



To elevate Succession’s final season and solidify its place in the cultural zeitgeist, DMM cultivated an engaging, “executive-level” social presence that aimed to retain and excite existing viewers, as well as attract new ones with similar tastes. 

To hone-in on the series’ elevated aesthetic, DMM produced custom creative assets that remained polished and minimalist in their designs’ look and feel to allow the series to speak for itself and showcase its critically-acclaimed production — all while channeling HBO’s trademark prestige. In total, these social assets garnered over 1M total engagements across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

DMM utilized reactive content – conversation-starting posts that featured the buzziest moments we strategically forecasted to trend from each episode – that garnered over 2M engagements during the season. We implemented a collaborative strategy alongside Warner Bros Discovery brand handles, HBO, HBO Max, and ultimately StreamOnMax, the studio’s rebranded streaming service. By leveraging this partnership, we successfully amplified content and enticed further engagement to increase our reach across social platforms.

During the campaign, DMM generated buzz through a compelling social content strategy that drove anticipation throughout the season and celebrated the final season of this one-of-a-kind show. 


By the series finale, the Succession social channels accrued over 8.8M engagements, 71M video views, and grew its social footprint by nearly 50%. Thanks to our nuanced social listening strategy and flexible optimizations that served the growing fanbase’s preferences, DMM boosted Succession’s social stock as the markets came to a close on the final season.