Poker Face Talent Services

A buzzy talent-forward social campaign for Peacock’s Emmy Nominated Original who-dun-it case of the week series Poker Face from executive producers Rian Johnson, starring Natasha Lyonne.


Buckle up and hit the road with human lie detector Charlie Cale! From production to the red carpet to finale, Digital Media Management (DMM) brought our lead Natasha Lyonne and her all-star roster of guest stars front and center to engage audiences around Peacock’s first of it’s kind mystery/dramedy. Through BTS from set and custom creative, we leveraged Natasha’s star power and Rian’s prestige to support the campaign for Peacock’s buzziest show.



Peacock partnered with DMM on a talent-forward social media campaign for their buzzworthy mystery series Poker Face from Knives Out creator Rian Johnson. Our goals were to capture the essence of Poker Face’s old school gritty procedural inspirations (think Columbo with a sarcastic redhead), along with the irreverence of our dynamic and diverse cast of characters Charlie encounters on the road in her blue Barracuda.

DMM was seamlessly embedded with the cast and crew for a total of 11 days, in both upstate New York and New Mexico, providing concierge white glove social service to the talent and capturing 300+ BTS assets and social concepts between takes.



The talent portion of this campaign garnered 312M impressions, 3.5M video views and a grand total of 567 posts from our talent. Our work kept the buzz going around this fan-favorite title which we’ll continue as we hit the road this Award Season.



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