Starz American Gods Holy Day Binge


Starz partnered with Digital Media Management on an influencer campaign to build awareness of and excitement for the Season 2 premiere of American Gods.


DMM selected five relevant influencers to participate in a day-long marathon/Twitter party of Season 1. During the “Holy Day Binge” each influencer was required to post 10x live tweets, encouraging their followers to download the app and follow along with them. The tweets included commentary on the episodes and the announcement of the Season 2 premiere date. Influencers were strategically identified based on their sci-fi loving audiences that were likely to relate to the show’s subject matter.


Their collective tweets yielded nearly 1M impressions and 17K engagements.  In addition to the required tweets, one influencer created a bonus video that went viral on Twitter.

Steve Zaragoza

Black Girl Nerds

Devin Hayes

Melonie Mac 

Erika Ishii