Open Road Films tasked DMM with creating an unforgettable social media campaign surrounding the award-winning film, Spotlight.


DMM was honored to work with Open Road on the theatrical campaign for Spotlight, the 2016 Academy Award winning Best Picture starring Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams and Brian d’Arcy James. Spotlight presented us with the interesting challenge of taking a 2001 Boston Globe article about hierarchical control within the Catholic church and making it relevant over a decade later on social media.



One of our primary goals for the Spotlight campaign was to target fans of prestige films and re-introduce them to the story the film was based on. With this in mind, we put an emphasis on frequently posting positive reviews about the film during it’s festival-screening window. We also focused our efforts on sharing articles referencing the 2001 true story of the Spotlight team in order to educate our audience about the film’s context.

We also aimed to elevate the film’s social campaign by adding a “social good” component, in which we drove awareness to current investigative journalism as an. For this, we ran the #SpotlightOn micro-campaign, which used the film’s social pages to highlight stories of corruption and power abuse across the globe. Reputable articles on topics ranging from unfair working conditions in Mexican farming communities, to the handling of the Flint Michigan water crisis were featured on the Spotlight social accounts. This micro-campaign created new engagement and reach opportunities with one of our target demographics—journalists.

In addition to our management of the page, we also were on-call for every major award ceremony and nomination event. We engaged with fans, supported relevant outlets and were able to create celebratory “Winner” graphics within minutes of the various award announcement. The immediacy with which we operated put us at the forefront of the social conversation, increasing our reach during peak hours.


As a result of us highlighting the caliber of the film, being timely with our coverage during award events, and our recognition of powerful, investigative journalistic pieces, we were able to engage with fans on a personal level and drive home the fact that Spotlight was a movie experience not to be missed.