Zoolander 2


Paramount Pictures tasked Digital Media Management with designing a creative, multi-platform social media campaign for Zoolander 2.



Marketing this film presented a unique obstacle : how do we make a 15 year-old brand relevant again? The predictable solution would have been a nostalgia-driven social marketing campaign that put more emphasis on the past rather than the new film. But fashion is all about unpredictability, and instead we create a strategy based in cool irreverence. Each piece of content was carefully tailored towards tapping into the zeitgeist, leveraging trending topic to increase social reach and engagement.

The film’s official Instagram account was a secondary component of the campaign, and proved to be its own separate challenge. The account was designed to act as Derek Zoolander’s personal page, which in turn required more “authentic” content that reflected the sensibilities of Instagram. All content had to capture Derek’s distinct voice, providing a glimpse into how this “Model Idiot” views the world.


Fans responded incredibly well to the content, particularly a piece that parodied the Netflix original Making a Murderer (the graphic went viral). The socials were able to create a fun, inviting environment for fans, providing streams of content that maintained the unique tone of the film and ramped up the comedy.