Mistress America

Crafting a stylized home entertainment campaign that would resonate with a young, coming-of-age audience


Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find your way. Digital Media Management partnered with Fox Searchlight on the Home Entertainment campaign for the indie hit, Mistress America. Throughout the film's campaign, our goal was to consistently craft designs to resonate strongly with young, coming of age audiences, all while maintaining a fun and highly engaging social atmosphere reminiscent of the city that never sleeps, New York City.



NYC has the perfect blend of so many different people, styles, generations, and so much more, which is why we drove our campaign efforts towards this blended style. Instead of having a campaign focusing on building a Facebook page, we focused our efforts on creating elevated GIFs, social videos, and graphics that users could identify with. Reactionary GIFs were created from the film to depict someone’s experience with SoulCycle, or how we might feel entering the office on a Monday. Visiting NYC anytime soon? We put together a graphic series of maps which depicted the places the Mistress America characters visited throughout the film. Rounding off the campaign were our social quote graphic videos that highlighted the quirky things that Brooke, one of the main characters, said throughout the film.


From start to finish, fans of Mistress America continued to express their love for this film with all of our carefully crafted creatives and socially engaging corresponding copy. Although the focus of the campaign was to drive Digital HD sales, we seamlessly blended the sales messaging with all creatives to create the organic feel throughout the campaign’s flight. Mistress America taught us that life is all about having fun and discovering who you’re meant to be. Here at DMM, we had an amazing time working on this iconic film from start to finish.