Space Jam: A New Legacy

Bringing an established fanbase and a new generation together in a buzzer-beating social media campaign.


DMM teamed up with Warner Bros. on the social media campaign for Space Jam: A New Legacy! We joined in on the Jam with looney and out-of-this-world social creatives as well as a fun and engaging copy strategy that let fans feel like they were sitting courtside at the family movie event of the summer!



We crafted a high-energy and uplifting voice for Space Jam: A New Legacy, built to engage with fans of blockbusters, basketball, and of course, the Looney Tunes. Our community management and trends strategy spread our message to older and newer generations alike; and with each day, the Tooniverse expanded. 

With a movie of this magnitude, you know the whole squad had to jump in on the fun! With global icon LeBron James at the helm, our talent, crew, and A-List soundtrack artists brought massive social followings and used their platforms to build hype for the film, solidifying our success. We embraced the challenge of monitoring, engaging, and amplifying our All-Star teammates. 

In addition to our community management efforts, we built dynamic creatives that captured the family-friendly humor of the film. These assets were shared regularly by our talent, artists, crew members, and brand partners. We also worked with WB and our internal web team to launch a Space Jam iOS Sticker Pack app for the App Store in which the custom-made Giphy Stickers were used among fans not only through iMessage but also separately on IG Stories throughout the campaign. By focusing on the film’s cheeky dialogue and quirky moments, we were able to introduce a new generation of fans to the Jam and bring a new legacy to life within the social sphere.


Through establishing a strong community and developing captivating creative, our social media campaign for Space Jam: A New Legacy was a slam dunk, earning 2.3M engagements and 94.5M impressions across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.