Snake Eyes

Crafting a social media campaign that unlocked the spirit of a warrior within Paramount Pictures’ exciting G.I. Joe origins story.


DMM partnered with Paramount Pictures on the social media campaign for the epic action adventure, Snake Eyes. To support the theatrical release, we crafted a campaign that featured epic visuals fit for the big screen, while delivering an enticing narrative experience.



In order to appeal to a broad audience, we reintroduced existing fans to the beloved characters of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow in a fresh way without alienating moviegoers who were less familiar with the G.I. Joe franchise. It was important to Paramount and creator Larry Hama that we establish this film as an origin story for Snake Eyes. To accomplish this, we created featurettes and feed-breaking assets which matched the intense action of the film. These creatives presented Snake Eyes in a fresh, inviting, and inclusive new light.

To present Henry Golding as an epic action hero, we created assets that showed off his skills, acting chops, and devotion to the character. This cast was filled with stars who were familiar with high-octane action roles, so to highlight the ensemble cast, we created assets that featured their incredible stunts. 

We extended our approach beyond the traditional platforms and posting techniques, leaning heavily into TikToks and Reels videos. By tapping into the humor of Gen Z, we created videos that were inspired by some of the hottest trends on the platform, while leveraging fan-favorite moments. As Snake Eyes is also a character from the game Fortnite, we crafted social copy to target and excite the gaming community.


In the end, we took this campaign to a new level, generating 170 million social impressions across the social platforms. Our focus on TikTok paid off as well, with several of our videos generating over 7 million views.