In The Heights

Bridging the gap between musical and movie lovers with a show-stopping social media campaign.


Lights up on Washington Heights! DMM partnered with Warner Bros. on the social campaign for the movie-musical of the summer, In The Heights! Through the creation of vibrant, music and community-focused creatives and a joyous mix of English and Spanish copy, we brought all of the sights and sounds of Washington Heights to life across our social pages. We celebrated the full reopening of theaters by making In The Heights the event of the summer.



For this block party, we turned the volume all the way up! By building off of the widespread buzz from the press, celebrities, and fans, we had everyone bursting with love for In The Heights. In addition to tapping into fan nostalgia for Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jon M. Chu, our stellar cast contributed to our success through their continued support of our content throughout the campaign.

To round up our block, we crafted a fan-focused community management and trend strategy that kept core fans yearning for more and welcomed new fans to the barrio. We developed and refined a lively tone of voice, connecting with fans across generations and cultures with our mix of English and Spanish copy and creatives. 

This strategy expanded into our TikTok capabilities, as we experimented with the platform through creating our own content and maximizing native features such as hashtags, duets and stitches, altogether enabling us to touch many TikTok genres.

It was imperative that we brought each character on the block’s sueñito to life by building creatives that started with heart and passion and ultimately highlighted the vibrancy of Washington Heights. With impactful pieces that sparked life onto everyone’s feeds, we established a community of dreams, making the fans feel heard and seen.


In The Heights had everyone shouting from the rooftops, with our social campaign garnering over 2.4M engagements and 75.8M impressions across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Audiences joined the carnaval on TikTok as well, as we more than doubled our follower count, reaching 108.9K followers by the campaign’s end and amassing 11.1M total engagements. 

By crafting a campaign that spanned across cultures, generations, and genres and building electrifying content that sparked a fire in fans’ hearts, we made the release of In The Heights a homecoming for all.


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