SmartLess Media

For the launch of SmartLess Media, we executed a talent-first social media marketing campaign to launch the podcast media company’s social pages and encourage listenership for the fresh slate of comedy podcasts.


Our social campaign leveraged the success and star power of the award-winning podcast, “SmartLess” while ushering in a broader fanbase for the media company’s new audio series. Through frequent collaborations and heavy community management with talent and guests, we invited fans to dive deeper into the storytelling they love, and set out to transform them from listeners into active participants who would look forward to hanging out with the funniest people they know.


Our primary objective was to launch the social channels with a buzz-worthy campaign, establishing SmartLess Media as the next true home of top-tier comedy offerings. Our content strategy prioritized a steady-stream of video content, as we produced and published best-in-class audiograms for each new episode using a brand look and feel developed by our creative team. We tapped into existing talent fanbases by sending featured guests and hosts social media toolkits for each episode drop. These toolkits focused on having talent amplify SmartLess Media’s social posts, encouraging guests and hosts to collaborate and share our posts in order to bring their audiences to our pages directly.

We sought to connect meaningfully with these audiences through two-way conversation and grow a new following of fans through community outreach, while rallying existing SmartLess podcast fans and appealing to our new hosts’ wide-ranging fanbases. Our team conducted daily community management, diving head first into the comment sections of hosts and guests, engaging with relevant brand pages, and more.


Over the course of the six-month campaign, we gained 8.3K new followers and brought in over 2 million impressions, 850K video views, and 42.5K engagements across Instagram, TikTok, X, and Facebook. We achieved an average cross-platform engagement rate of 1.8%, well exceeding the industry average of .65%. These numbers showcase the success of the SmartLess Media social media pages and highlight how a talent-first strategy proves effective when expanding upon an existing brand.


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