Gone Native Influencer Campaign

Driving awareness to the release of Joey Clift’s digital animated short comedy series, Gone Native, while also starting conversations around the common stereotypes and microaggressions made toward Native people.


On behalf of Becoming America, Joey Clif partnered with DMM on an influencer campaign to drive awareness and tune in to his animated short series, Gone Native


DMM leveraged 3 Native influencers to post video content promoting their assigned short. Each influencer was contracted to post one TikTok video syndicated to Instagram Reels, in their own unique ways.


Che Jim (@che.jim)

Joey Clift’s animated series “Gone Native” is the show that addresses native stereotypes, and misconceptions in a fun, educational, entertaining, and funny way! I highly recommend everyone go check the series and @joeycliiiiiift (https://www.instagram.com/joeycliiiiiift/) himself, on all of his social media platforms! And be sure to share it with all your Indigenous and non-Indigenous friends! #GoneNative #GoneNativePartner #native #nativeamerican #nativehumor #indigenous

Shannon Baker (@realshannonbaker)

You MUST watch @joeycliiiiiift’s new show “Gone Native” on his page. Indigenous filmmaker Joey Clift created a show that breaks down why stereotypes of Indigenous people are harmful. The show is educational, yet fun! It’s also great to share with Non-Natives so you don’t always have to teach! Just send them the links!

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Kairyn Potts (@ohkairyn)

Check out the super funny digital series Gone Native by visiting Joey Clift’s account @joeycliiiiiift ✨ Joey is a talented writer and is hilarious, and it’s so exciting to see him create something that shines a light on something as important as dispelling stereotypes and misconceptions and to do it in such a fun way. #GoneNative #ad




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