Executing a social media strategy to strengthen the SmartLess podcast’s relationship with fans, cultivate a community of listeners, and increase conversation.


The world’s #1 comedy podcast starring Sean Hayes, Will Arnett, and Jason Bateman put their trust in Digital Media Management to promote their show and grow their fanbase to new heights. Through a content strategy driven by social listening and a hands-on approach to community management, we cultivated a highly-engaged social audience for the popular podcast.



Our primary objective for the SmartLess social media channels was to grow their audience and drive engagement through a community management-driven strategy that put fans first. We conducted daily social listening across channels and fan pages like the “Smarties” Facebook group to fully immerse ourselves in the SmartLess culture. From this practice, we were able to identify fan-favorite guests, episode quotes, inside jokes, and key moments that would resonate with fans when integrated into our creative.

Our team produced weekly audiograms featuring the guest, as well as quote graphics highlighting moments from the show. These recurring series became a forum for fans to engage with one another, sharing their favorite moments from the latest episodes. While carrying out community management, not only did we engage in fan discourse, but we also strategically interacted with brand pages that were mentioned by the hosts on the podcast such as Tubi, Bugles, Chex Mix, and Swedish Fish. Together, these efforts led our pages to consistently exceed engagement rates and impressions well above the industry average as well as reel in thousands of followers across platforms.


Over the past two years, DMM’s fan-first social strategy and community-driven creatives have resulted in a 1,854% increase in impressions, a 2,042% increase in engagements, and an 84.62% increase in followers across Facebook, X (Twitter), and Instagram. That’s a lot of Smarties! 


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facebook instagram twitter

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