Shrill – Season 2

Exciting fans for the arrival of Shrill’s second season with a social creative refresh and a new approach to voice and tone.


Hulu partnered with Digital Media Management (DMM) to create a new social look and develop a social voice that would activate audiences around Shrill’s return.



Shrill (starring Saturday Night Live’s Aidy Bryant) returned for its highly anticipated second season, and with it came growth and maturity for our lead character, Annie. DMM was tasked with refreshing the social creatives and establishing a voice and tone that would reflect her journey, while keeping the show’s humor at the forefront. Using static illustrations, video pieces, memes, and interactive Instagram Stories, we spotlighted Annie’s newfound confidence, her relationships with fan-favorite characters, and her praiseworthy wardrobe. We pivoted our community management strategy, moving away from Season 1’s motivational tone and taking a more unfiltered and honest approach that felt true to Annie’s character. DMM continued to energize fans and keep them engaged throughout the social media campaign with personalized fan replies and informed reactive content.


Our social campaign provided our audience with an experience that was joyful, relatable, and above all, entertaining. We kept the show’s humor and talent central to our creative, leading to consistent engagement across platforms, and continued to foster conversation with our signature Shrill wit and charm. Using social listening, we were quick to react to our fan sentiment, servicing them with content they not only wanted, but needed. Our community remained engaged past the show’s launch, with many fans already prepared to dive into the next chapter of Annie’s journey.